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Designing Jigs and Fixtures with 3D Printing

Designing Jigs and Fixtures

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For manufacturers, maximizing production speed while maintaining high part quality is critical for success. Jigs and fixtures are used to make manufacturing and assembly processes simpler, more reliable, and more efficient, reducing cycle times and at the same time improving worker safety. We will discover how to keep this all in mind when designing jigs and fixtures with 3D printing.

Download the white paper if you want more information on:

  • Reducing the cost and lead time of producing jigs and fixtures
  • Best practices for designing jigs and fixtures
  • Applications of jigs and fixtures in manufacturing

What you will learn

Use this white paper as a starting point for jig and fixture design and to learn how to leverage 3D printing to reduce costs, shorten development time, and create more optimized production workflows from design engineer to manufacturing floor technician.

Download the white paper now to learn:

  • How to design mechanisms for locating, supporting, fixtures, and clamping
  • How to take advantage of 3D printing’s design freedom to build better jigs and fixtures
  • How to leverage the unique benefits of 3D printing materials in manufacturing

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